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Products and Services

  • Nationwide Installation
  • Quality Control
  • Site Survey
  • Permit Management
  • Research & Development
  • Project Management

As industry leaders, EM Signs offer a wide range of corporate signage options, including:


Looking to tower over the competition? Want to improve your street appeal? Free up more parking space? Or be noticed from a distance?

Whether it's a free-standing sign mounted atop a pylon or a monument sign seated near a busy street curb, we can provide the perfect solution. For even greater visibility, our pylons can be designed with illuminated sign faces. Similarly, our monument signs can cast your business in the main spotlight. All of which makes them an ideal solution for multi-tenant shopping centers, restaurants, movie theatres or hotels, to mention a few.

Moulded Signage

We can supply all your moulded signage needs. We currently supply moulded signage with almost unlimited dimensions for corporate clients including, Toyota, Hyundai, Hungry Jacks, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, KFC, Subway and many more.

Digital Printing

EM Signs is leading the way in digital printing. We were one of the first in Australia to offer digital printing needs to our clients and our experienced staff will design and print all your digital printing needs. From pull-up banners, to corporate exhibition displays, if it can be printed and you want it done right call or email our sales team now.


If you have ever driven by your local ANZ Bank branch or the neighbourhood Subway store, chances are then that you've already seen our signs. We supply fabricated metal structures with Plexiglas or open faces and neon illumination, as well as fabricated letters that offer professional business and alluring, retail storefront identification. Neon or new technology ultra bright LED's illumination creates high contrast and added drama for maximum visibility.

EM Signs supply all aluminium constructed signage with tried & tested systems. Dupont's low V.O.C. polyurethane paint and other quality materials that are made to withstand the harshest weather elements. In other words, our network of fabrication solutions are made to leave a strong lasting impression.


Name changes. Corporate mergers and acquisitions. Takeovers.

These events in the business world are nothing new to EM Signs. In fact, they're an integral part of our company's success. EM Signs has designed, supplied and installed sign conversion projects involving literally thousands of locations nationwide. We manage the logistics, meet aggressive deadlines, stay within tight budgets - everything, start to finish.

In other words, we not only know our business well, we're experts at managing change.

Complete Sign Package

Our experienced sales team continually come up with creative and innovative ideas to enhance and improve corporate images for our clients.

Mix and match. Our complete sign programs include, well, a little bit of everything. And just how no two companies are alike, the same holds true for complete sign programs. However, they all require a thorough analysis of your needs:

  • site identification and survey
  • codes and permits
  • landlord criteria and approvals
  • design specifications including creative design
  • project manage
  • logistics and shipping
  • and installation

We manage every step of the process to deliver a tailored sign program that achieves maximum exposure.

Neon & LED

We are leading the way with the use of quality LED lighting supplied by manufacturers around the world with new developments in the brightness of LED lights currently being incorporated into our electronics department. LEDs are the future of sign electronics as they are brighter, more durable, more economical and stronger than neon. We also continue to offer neon to our clients who prefer to use this new technology. Fill out our Request a Quote form to discuss your idea today.

Custom signs

Want to be seen as unique and different? Have an idea in mind for a sign you've never seen before? Got a one-of-a-kind mark that you want to design your sign around? Well, you're not the first. That's why EM Signs has in place an impressive range of services, talent and resources to design, supply, and install custom sign solutions for our clients.

Go ahead. Let your imagination run wild.

Don't worry. We have the expertise to make your vision a reality.


Striking in appearance and completely functional, our awning solutions welcome customers from out of the rain or the blazing, summer sun. Awnings can even be illuminated to serve as a beacon to customers walking or driving by at night. And if you think that awnings only work for exterior applications, think again. We've provided many awning solutions for retail stores and restaurants inside shopping malls to provide that extra decorative flair.

To withstand the aging hands of time, our awnings feature all-aluminium construction, U.L. approved electrical components, plus 3M or Arlon/Signtech face materials backed by their exclusive warranties.

Is your signage working for you?

Or does it create a barrier between your business and your customers? Just like Caltex have done, discuss your requirements with our experienced team and we will tailor the best solution for your needs.