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corporate signage for kfc2

Case study: KFC

A business without a sign, is a sign of no business & at KFC they have been doing plenty of business. EM Signs have been working with KFC for over 30 years with effective outdoor advertising & store identification.

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corporate signage for caltex2

Case study: Caltex

Caltex fuel outlets have provided Australians with a convenient place to refuel their cars and pick up last minute groceries.

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mcdonald jones logo2

Case study: McDonald Jones Stadium

A beacon in the night for sporting fans. This 35-meter-long sign is using day / night letters; the lettering appears black during the day and lights up white at night.

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corporate signage for woolworths2

Case study: Woolworths

Woolworths new green 'apple' logo has been recently developed to reflect Woolworths commitment as 'the fresh food people'.

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Mitsubishi logo

Case study: Mitsubishi

Delivering a global identity to Australia. Mitsubishi has a new modern corporate image to further reinforce their strength in the Australian car industry.

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corporate signage for krispy kreme5.png

Case study: Krispy Kreme

The rebirthing of a global icon in Australia. Much of Krispy Kreme’s success can be attributed to bold, clearly identifiable branding. A commitment EM Signs understands.

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corporate signage for dans2

Case study: Dan Murphy's

Dan Murphys wanted a sign company who could supply both their new and current stores with a complete interior and exterior signage fit out.

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hj logo web

Case study: Hungry Jacks

With over 400 locations across Australia, Hungry Jacks has been working with EM Signs for nearly two decades for their signage supply.

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