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Case Study: Caltex

Caltex fuel outlets have provided Australians with a convenient place to refuel their cars and pick up last minute groceries.

The stores must have easily identifiable signage which lures shoppers in with colourful special offers and easy to see fuel prices. Many outlets are open 24 hours a day so signage must be bright to get the attention of any passing motorists. EM Signs have been developing Caltex signage for many years for their largest motorway outlets to their small rural stores.

Caltex signage has become a well-known and familiar sight around Australia. The Caltex logo is one of the most recognisable and trusted brands in the world which means strict compliance to corporate colours and quality materials are required.

Caltex utilizes the seamless look of moulded panels for its logo. Combined with the strength of tough polycarbonate material, these well-build and high-quality signs will stand the test of time.

EM Signs specialises in the creation of moulded polycarbonate material designed to suit any requirement. If you are having trouble with signs that are constantly being damaged, fading or being vandalised, ask us how to make your corporate image a lasting one with our tough polycarbonate panels.

Is your signage working for you?

Or does it create a barrier between your business and your customers? Discuss your requirements with our experienced team and we will tailor the best solution for your needs.