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Case Study: Dan Murphy's

Dan Murphys approached EM Signs with a challenge...

Dan Murphys wanted a sign company who could supply both their new and current stores with a complete interior and exterior signage fit out. Although a new client to EM Signs, Dan Murphys has invested its signage needs with EM Signs.

Dan Murphys have had a major reimage with both their interior and exterior signage. EM Signs has now set the bar for how a Dan Murphy store. Including the revolutionary 'Y sign' as featured in Dan Murphys stores.

EM Signs has been working closely with Dan Murphys to further advance the use of the revolutionary Nano coating technology in their aluminum composite panels. This fantastic new product is set to change the way aluminium composite panels are made in the future. It features a self cleaning coating which resists dirt and can cut maintenance costs by over 80%. Nano technology is also resistant to graffiti where spray paint can be easily removed from the surface leaving practically no residual marks.

Is your signage working for you?

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