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After working with Taco Bell Australia in the early 2000's, it's great to see the brand return to the Australian market.

Albion Park is the first Drive-Thru Taco Bell restaurant to open in NSW, with all signage #australianmade by the team at EM Signs.

With over 40 years of experience in the Australian QSR market, it's an easy decision why companies choose EM Signs.
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Why choose EM Signs?

Our in-house manufacturing gives our clients the option to visit our factory in Newcastle to discuss ideas and inspect their signage at all stages of manufacture.
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The team at Carl's Jr. Australia seem to like our signs and we like to think our #australianmade #signs are pretty awesome too!

Carl's Jr. Australia now open in Kialla!
Proudly showing off Australian made signage, manufactured and installed by the team at EM Signs.

As a turnkey signage provider, not only do we manufacture & install state of the art signage, the team at EM Signs makes the planning of your next signage project simple with our newly developed Augmented Reality software.

The most important feature of any sign, is to ensure your branding can be seen, and the use of this AR feature allows you to fine tune the size and position of your pylon prior to submitting your plans to council.

Contact the team at EM Signs to find out how we can bring your concept to reality
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The return of an Aussie iconic brand is back with EM Signs completing the first changeover from Caltex Australia to Ampol Australia, completed in Granville, Sydney NSW.

Utilising Australian made signage means Ampol can be assured their signage has been designed to meet Australian standards and conditions and will last the test of time!

EM Signs has been working with Caltex for over 20 years, and we are very proud to be chosen to complete the very first new generation Ampol in Australia!
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Our latest Carl's Jr. Australia is complete and open in Lyndhurst, Vic!

Great to see some Aussie made signage, made right here in Newcastle!

The most important aspect of signage is ensuring it creates impact and stands out.

At over 4m wide, the replacement Spectacular & Bucket signage at the newly renovated KFC Mayfield certainly stands out!

Finished with moulded polycarbonate faces, not only does the sign look great, but it’s added strength over standard sign faces ensures it will last.

Check out this video of our team installing the new signage.

Showcasing the iconic Caltex Australia name, Foodary branding and Woolworths rewards program, this recently completed site in Riverview, QLD shows off our manufacturing capabilities here at EM Signs.

Utilising vacuum forming to create multi-layered depth, strength & uniformity is a technology that we have been at the forefront of in the Australian signage industry and ensures that we meet our corporate client's branding needs site after site.
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With lots of competition in the Australian QSR market, its crucial for these Fast Food Restaurants to choose a proven signage manufacture such as EM Signs to ensure their brand stands out.

From Pylons through to Building signage and wayfinding, our #australianmade signage helps our corporate partners attract clientele and build their brands.

This site opened late last year in Birkdale, QLD is a perfect example of utilising signage to promote the KFC brand on a busy thoroughfare catching the eyes of hungry motorists every day and night!
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Whilst we're still busy manufacturing and installing signage for our corporate partners, now is a great time to put our manufacturing skills and equipment to use for the wider community.

Our custom sneeze guards are already starting to roll out to various industries including Health, Retail and the QSR Industry.

We can custom make these to any size or shape to suit your workspace, foyer, reception area or anywhere that you need to help protect your staff.

Call us on 1300 000 367 or email us - to enquire and find out more.

EM Signs has been working alongside Daimler Trucks to roll out its new signage package at various locations across Australia, including this site at Laverton.

This project is a true test of #australianmade - utilising all of our in-house departments including Metal Fabrication, Electrical, Painting, Vinyl works and our Moulded technology to provide depth, dimension and increased strength for this sign to stand the test of time.
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From planning through to manufacture and installation, EM Signs has over 40 years of experience in building Australian Made signage for our corporate partners across the country.

With our specialist team, we can assist with initial concepts & Development Applications and discuss the crucial requirements your signage needs to have the maximum impact to promote your brand.
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Another excellent showcase of Australian Manufacturing is the recently opened KFC Springfield, QLD.

This store exhibits KFC's branding through its iconic Colonel image, KFC Letter sets, Pylon and directional & wayfinding signage, where inside the restaurant customers are greeted with an illuminated Colonel Harland Sanders signature!

As corporate branding and signage specialists, EM Signs ensure your image is the same across all locations, built to spec.

The Colonel looking great at #kfc Keperra, QLD. Proudly made in Australia by the team at @em_corporate_signage

With LED illumination, we’re guaranteed a long lasting, energy efficient lighting solution ensuring customers know where to go, day or night!

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Always great to see another Caltex Australia pylon being loaded ready for freight.

Standing at 15m tall, you won’t miss where to make your next fuel stop in Blacksoil, QLD.
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We're very excited to show off one of our latest projects with Carl's Jr. Australia opening next week in Altona North!

EM Signs has continued its relationship with Carl's Jnr in Victoria producing all signage from their pylon, building signage and internal 3D lettering and painted murals.

As corporate signage specialists, we understand the importance of your signage meeting all specifications, requirements and looks identical from site to site to ensure your business attracts as many customers as possible and stands the test of time.

There is no confusion about where to enter the drive-thru at the new KFC in Dandenong South.

Great work by the whole team to produce this gantry, as well as all the other signage on-site including their pylon, building signage and internal fit-out.

Thanks to AMS Constructions for the and their work on site.
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Flashback Friday! Here we are back in the 1970’s. Some of our staff remember like it was yesterday! Shout out to our amazing team! “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” - Henry Ford. #blastfromthepast #vintage #flashbackfriday #shoutout

Is your signage working for you?

Or does it create a barrier between your business and your customers? Just like Caltex have done, discuss your requirements with our experienced team and we will tailor the best solution for your needs.